My list of gesneriads

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My list of gesneriads

Postby Polgara81 » April 24th, 2012, 6:33 pm

Hi everybody

This is the list of a part of my gesneriads. If you are interesting in something, contact me and I'll tell you if it's possible to send what you want ;-)

Aeschynanthus pulcher variegata (syn. Aeschynanthus lobbianus variegata)
Aeschynanthus pulcher (syn. Aeschynanthus lobbianus)
Aeschynanthus longicaulis
Nematanthus Tropicana
Primulina dryas Hisako
Primulina linearifolia
Primulina longgangensis
Primulina Stardust
Primulina Aiko
Primulina Chastity
Primulina Erika
Primulina Kazu
Primulina Keiko
Saintpaulia pendula
Saintpaulia velutina
Saintpaulia ionantha House of Amani
Saintpaulia Alamo Joy
Saintpaulia Delft Imperial
Saintpaulia Delft
Saintpaulia Fisher's Chimpansy
Saintpaulia Orkhidnaia
Saintpaulia Austin's Smile
Saintpaulia Chiffon Fiesta
Saintpaulia EK–Snezhnyi Bars
Saintpaulia Emerald Lace
Saintpaulia Kosmicheskaia Legenda
Saintpaulia Lemon Kisses
Saintpaulia Louisiana Lullaby
Saintpaulia Moroznaia Vishnia
Saintpaulia RS–Brusnichnyi Sirop
Saintpaulia RS–Gertsoginia
Saintpaulia RS–Sirena
Saintpaulia EK–Dzhokonda
Saintpaulia EK–Krasnyi Barkhat

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