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Not New, but not introduced before

Postby LadyGes » November 22nd, 2017, 9:16 pm

Hello all.
My Name is Agnetha Wolgast Widell, from Sweden.
I am not exactly a new member, but I think I haven't introduced me here.
Happy AV grower - sometimes hybridizer ( the Two-w bunch are my doings) And at the moment in the middle of being the Registrar of the Swedish Saintpaulia Society.
As perhaps some of you know the SSPS, the independent Saintpaulia Society up here in the North, do import a bunch of AV leaves each year in order to each spring be able to introduce a "News-packet" for sale for members only.
Such mustn't be all new hybrids, just new for us in Sweden.
And I can assure you such a news-pack does bring joy!
I try to find the correct descriptions in order to translate and publish for the members - and right now I am in the end of all the translation job , phew.
One remains...
the Standard : RS-Zelenii Moch. RS-Зеленый Мох.
I have seen other ways to spell it, but at the moment I will stick to this - until I have the correct way to transcript the cyrillic alphabet into latin.
Two questions to You all
1) The description of the above mentioned, please?
2) is there a place to find all of the S Repkina hybrids with descriptions?

best wishes to you all, from wet and almost snowy Sweden
(and... please hush, don't mention to any swedish participant it will be part of the News-pack! ;-) )
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Re: Not New, but not introduced before

Postby Gabi_Munich » December 13th, 2017, 1:32 am

Hello Agnetha,

welcome to the forum! ... even though I am answering somewhat late :oops: I was too busy at work and did not have much time lately. Sorry for that.

Ah, the Russian varieties and the translations - I have the same problem and unfortunately I cannot help you.

Have a good time reading or posting in the forum,
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