Boea hygroscopica

Boea hygroscopica

Postby illustrator » June 15th, 2019, 10:02 pm

Australian rock violet!

Touch one: leaves look like they collapse completely when you try to set them. Mine even more: it was freezing, -20 degrees C when this one arrived. Sure there was a heat pack in the parcel, but that works for 3 days and the postage took 10 days! I thought that this would never work but, nothing to lose, so I set the leaf anyway. It was tiny and it died. But, it does slowly, from the top to the base. And when the leaf was finally dead, the bottom cells had had just enough time to form a 2 mm plantlet. Actually, I first thought there were two. So I planted both on tuff rock and one started to grow rapidly and ... became a liverwort. The other was the real deal and grew very, very, extremely very slowly. After a year or so I had enough and put the tiny (then 1 cm) plant in a normal pot, in normal potting soil on the window. This is better, but not good. Look at that shrivelled leaf with downcurled edges! Like this, plants tell that they need higher air humidity. Also, there should be a neat rosette, with leaves which hang over the edge of the pot. This one is reaching for light! But, lo and behold, it flowers. One year and a half after I received that tiny almost frozen leaf. At least I now have a whole plant to experiment with. So, I set some leaves which were not frozen. Fingers crossed :D Nothing to give away though, maybe in a year from now?

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Re: Boea hygroscopica

Postby Gabi_Munich » June 17th, 2019, 10:50 pm

congrats that you managed to keep this one alive! great: I hope to see more of it later on.
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