2011 - Best Varieties List

2011 - Best Varieties List

Postby admin » December 14th, 2011, 12:14 am

Our Hungarian Forum decided about the most loved varieties. Here are the results :) If your country also have this list then just write it here and maybe we could elect Europe's Best Varieties List.

Hungary. 2011:
Blue Dragon
Bold Party Girl
Bubble Gum Charm
Buckeye Butterflies
EK-Shankhaiskaia Roza
Fredette's Sweet Jenny
Green Lace
Irish Flirt
Kamennyi Tsvetok
Looking Glass
Ma's Fat Froggie
Optical Illusion
RS-Ledianaia Roza
Ruffled Skies
Spring Kiss
Sunkissed Rose
Zima Ulybaetsia (Winter Smiles)
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Re: 2011 - Best Varieties List

Postby Valkiria » December 22nd, 2011, 5:20 pm

In Romania, we also have made a poll of the Best Varieties in 2011.

Here are the results of the most voted varieties which have occupied first positions in the list:

votes/ variety:
7 Zima Ulybaetsia
7 Buckeye Seductress
6 Ozio
5 Petite Blarney
5 Strelets Elit
4 EK-Magiia Liubvi
4 Letnie Sumerki
4 Live Wire
4 Lyon's Little Sweetheart
4 Ma's Taffy Swirl
4 Moroznaia Vishnia
4 Rob's Magnetic Field
4 RS-Eliksir Krasoty
4 Ian-Menuet
4 King's Ransom
4 Rob's Sugar Cube
4 Royal Rage
3 Armageddon
3 RS-Gertsoginia
3 RS-Morskaia Printsessa
3 Goluboi Tuman
3 High School Sweetheart
3 Irish Cream
3 Ko's Green Dragonfly
3 Lyon's Pirate's Treasure
3 Mac's Jubilant Jamboree
3 Ma's Red Rover
3 Ness' Orange Pekoe
3 Optimara Little Moonstone
3 Rainbow's Quiet Riot
3 Reigning Beauty
3 Ruffled Skies
3 Sunset Beach
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